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I went straight into working in photography after school, deciding that working in the industry would benefit me more than going to college. Some 25+ years later I have worked in some of the largest studios in the Northwest and I am currently employed as a senior photographer at Shop Direct Ltd in their in house studios shooting for their Very and Littlewoods brands.

Over the years I have worked with many clients, including Grattans, JD Williams, Harrods, John West, Floors2go, Heine.

I enjoy shooting room sets and the challenge of lighting them to look like they are shot on location. 

Recently I have gone back to photographing landscapes, portraits and weddings. I am enjoying the challenge of shooting something different from studio work.


1989 - 1991
Carlton ( Fox ) Studios

Assistant Photographer

1991 - 1998
Cartwright Studios

Junior Photographer

Senior Photographer

1998 - 2012
Capricorn IV Studios

Senior Photographer

2012 - present
Lightbox Studios

Senior Photographer

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